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- Hayashi Grill 1-year anniversary, Cedar Park, June 11, 2012
- La Villita, downtown San Antonio, March 2008
- One World Theater, Austin, March 2008

What do clients say about us?

Our clients love us. Actually, they kind of gush over us. Its gets a little embarrassing.

Who's in the band?

The magic of Airwave 80s is produced by these wonderful people:

Mark Woodruff, vocals, drum Jocelyn Bingham, vocals
Richie Lozano, lead guitar, vocals
Mark Wilson, vocals, keys, guitars
Alec Woodruff, bass

What you should know about the band

This band first met in a tiny London pub after a Bowie concert in 1980. OK, well, that's a lie. The truth is that we all are professional musicians who joined forces to recreate that unique '80s genre of "New Wave" dance music. We do all the songs you used to see on MTV. (And besides, some of us weren't around in 1980.)

Also: We think it's still the '80s. Seriously. When we are on stage, we are in character, pretending that we think it's still the '80s. All our references to technology, pop culture, politics ... it's as if it's the 1980s all over again, and it's a TON of fun for the audience.


Airwave 80s Chuck Taylors


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