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Richie Lozano: lead guitar, vocals

Making guitar noises that range from melodic to frightening, Richie plays lead guitar and does some wicked vocals not only for Airwave 80s, but also in his own blues-rock cover band, Trutone.

He has been performing in the Austin area since 2002. Bitten by the music bug early, he began playing at age 12 and his guitar sickness has only worsened. Never formally trained, Richie hears guitar licks and has an uncanny knack for mimicking them, as well as making us his own sounds. He just knows how a guitar should be played (and sometimes, he even gets it right).

Starting off with noise-rock bands Adyton and The Misguided Lemming, Richie has made his mark all over town, in clubs large and small. He worship his guitar idols — Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Eddie Van Halen, and Angus Young — who are the basis on which he lives his six-string life.

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