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Alec Woodruff, Mark Woodruff Jocelyn Bingham, Richie Lozano, Mark Wilson

Mark Woodruff: vocals, percussion

Mark's primary role is trying to sing like all those testosterone-challenged male vocalists from the '80s. He also plays drums about half the time.

In addition to doing vocals for Airwave 80s, he is the lead man for the Elvis Costello tribute band, The Costellophones, and also plays drums for the white-trash country/rock band, The Carport Casanovas. Mark has been singing '80s songs since, well, the '80s.

The '80s musician he most appreciates is David Byrne, the lead man for Talking Heads, "mostly because when I was in college, I was blown away by so much of his early stuff, like 'More Songs About Buildings and Food' which was both awesome and funny. Byrne also is just so odd, and, he continues to make great music decades later. Danny Elfman (front man for Oingo Boingo who wrote the theme for The Simpsons and virtually every Tim Burton score) also is a personal hero." Mark also runs the web site, which sells a flat and portable drum kit call the Traps A400. He often plays them at Airwave 80s gigs and says, "These drums kick butt because the Traps A400 not only sounds fantastic, but they are so light and easy to transport. I can carry the entire drum kit with one hand."

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