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Jocelyn Bingham: lead vocals

Back in the 80s, Jocelyn — sporting a totally awesome Dorothy Hammill haircut — had a record player and a phony microphone. For hours alone in her room, she would practice singing along to Olivia Newton John, Pat Benetar, Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Whitney Houston (just to name a few) convinced she was sounding just like them. When she was not singing along to records, Jocelyn was glued to MTV (yes, her parents let her have cable in her room!) watching and singing along to all the great songs of the 80s — even boy songs — convinced she sounded just like them too! In addition to trying to mimicking the range of every singer she heard, Jocelyn began her songwriting career at the tender age of 10, after penning tunes inspired by the age-appropriate novel, Flowers in the Attic -- lol.

The musical spirit continued through her school days, when her songwriting duo SOLSTICE hit the scene for a brief but successful stint in the early 90s. This all-girl band rocked their fellow teens in Lubbock, Texas, and had them dancing and wishing they were Bob’s girlfriend on Dance Party USA.

Jocelyn kept her songwriting and singing ambitions alive through the years of working "regular jobs," when she finally started writing her first solo album in 2002. Self-funding and recording the project every chance she could, Jocelyn collaborated with renowned producer and musician Charles Martin (Dexter Freebish) and completed her recording work, Integrated Mass Appeal by What Jocelyn Says in 2006.

After surviving a severe auto accident caused by a drunk driver in 2007, Jocelyn knew there was no more time to waste and she released the disc officially in 2008. But that wasn’t enough! She wanted to sing the songs that she grew up with and loved, so she teamed up with Airwave 80s. Jocelyn enjoys the challenges of special requests, and wants to bring an authentic sound to her performances.

“When singing with Airwave 80s, I want the audience to think they are hearing a copy of the record. It isn’t about me, it is about the songs and for many, the memories that they bring.”

Jocelyn also is an astrologer, metaphysical conversationalist, and vocal actor. Visit for more details.

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